Wednesday, December 26, 2007


The first presidential primaries will be taking place the next few weeks. Want to know something? I don't even care.

I have yet to find a candidate whom I feel comfortable supporting. But, since I live in Pennsylvania, which doesn't hold its primary until May, it doesn't really matter anyhow. By the time I'm allowed to vote, the Democratic nominee will already have been decided by the voters in other states.

In 2003/4, I was all about Howard Dean. He was my dream candidate -- I couldn't really find an issue on which I disagreed with him. But then he lost out to John Kerry in the early primaries/caucuses, and by the time I got a chance to vote (and I did pull the lever for Dean, anyhow), he wasn't even in the running any longer. And then of course, Kerry lost in the general (did he even try to win?) and the country fell once again into the hands of the Repugnicans.

And so, I feel like I can't even care about the primaries, because I don't have a vote. And this year, even if I did have an actual vote, I don't know who I'd choose. None of the candidates appeal to me. It's almost as if the Democrats have given up, which makes me so sad that I'm becoming increasingly apolitical -- yes, me!

I really wish I didn't feel this way, too, because there are some seriously misguided people trying to hijack this country, and they are VERY political and will do whatever it takes to get their candidate elected. The people who believe that their religion should be the law of the land, and that Jeezus wants us all to have the right to carry concealed semi-automatic weapons, but not the right to universal health care. They would love for religion to shape public policy. For instance, I was reading a message board the other day on which someone actually said that they didn't believe in global warming, because why would "God" create a world that humans could destroy? I threw up a little after reading that.

Increasingly, I feel the desire to flee this country and its backwards, ignorance-driven politics. I told Matt yesterday that what I would really love is to sell one of my books and then be able to buy a small farm in the French countryside. I dream of living in a place like France -- where they have universal healthcare (and live longer), where you can attend college for free, where you can eat French food and drink French wine and speak beautiful French every day! Oui oui! ;)

I know it sounds like an off-the-wall pipe dream, even for me -- I mean, I've never even been to France, and I know that book royalties don't pay quite *that* much -- but the idea of leaving the USA behind is really appealing. It's frustrating to be a progressive in a society that seems bound and determined to move backwards, where even my own political party has taken to kowtowing to the religious right. I've tried for a long time to be a part of the solution, by doing my part and voting, calling/emailing my representatives, donating to progressive causes, going on peace marches, etc., but sometimes I think the most graceful thing a person can do is admit defeat and try to move on rather than continue to bang their head against the wall.


Ty-Anna said...

"...sometimes I think the most graceful thing a person can do is admit defeat and try to move on rather than continue to bang their head against the wall."

--you know what?? I feel like this daily! ... about politics that is ;-)

Jacqueline said...

ditto with finding a candidate I feel comfortable with! isn't that frustrating? I don't trust or believe any of them!

Maggie said...

Exactly. They're all such politicians!

Debi said...

First of all, did you know that the Pennsylvania Primary has been moved up from May to April? This doesn't really change your point that your state is one of the last to vote for the candidates, but just wanted to make sure you were aware. Right now the tentative date for the primary in Pennsylvania is April 22.

Secondly, have you ever thought about becoming a delegate?

Thirdly, have you looked outside your party for other options? It could be a mistake to discount anyone running for office because of the little letter behind his or her name.

You are no doubt aware that I support Ron Paul for President in 2008. Why? Because he believes in liberty, prosperity and peace!

I don't know if I can say that I agree with him 100% on all the issues (but pretty close LOL), but overall I agree with and admire and support his reasons for voting as he does 100% of the time.

Yes, he has an "R" behind his name, but he is not considered one of the "good ol' boys" by the other Republicans in Congress let alone the ones running along side him for the nomination.

Some even say that Ron Paul is more aligned with the Democrats than with the Republicans -- and that is actually true on some of the issues -- primarily when it comes to the war. However, Ron Paul is more accurately described as a 'statesman' than a politician.

I can't believe I'm reading here that there are NO candidates that can be believed because they ALL lie...or that they are all 'such politicians'. There are actually a few out there with some veracity and records to prove it!

Check out Ron Paul's voting record in congress -- but don't just look at whether he voted for against a particular bill, look at his REASONS behind his vote.

If he 'errs' it is because he is being true and valiant in living and breathing the oath he took when he became a United States representative which say that he swears to "uphold the Constitution of the United States of America..."

You can find a link on his website to his voting record and as you are reading the table, click on the different links within the table you and you will find those reasons.

Even if Ron Paul isn't the candidate for you, don't give up on the "system"!

That is exactly what 'they' want -- they want us to be apolitical and apathetic. They want us to believe that WE, the citizens of these United States of America have no power to change anything.

And if we buy into that line of thinking then 'they' have won, because we won't make a difference and things won't change (at least not for the better)!

Do NOT give up! Do not believe that your vote doesn't count! The only way it doesn't count is if you don't bother to vote! The only way it doesn't count is if you choose to not become involved.

Okay, so Howard Dean didn't make it -- but you know what? His message did! Many of his supporters are now supporting Ron Paul.

Maybe Ron Paul won't make it either, but you know what? His message HAS already made it into the hearts and minds of millions and that number is growing every day and if one thing can be said for Ron Paul suporters -- we are NOT apathetic. His supporters have already done managed to get some amazing things done! That passion and drive is not going to just evaporate if Ron Paul doesn't win the nomination -- not at all.

We CAN make a difference -- we DO have rights and we CAN have our great nation back and our freedoms and liberty restored!

In order to make that happen though, there must be a change in our mindset. We cannot continue to believe the fallacy that government should take care of us from cradle to grave and solve all our, let alone the world's problems. Government is at its best when it allows US, the citizens, the freedom to be able to do those things for ourselves and our neighbors.

No matter what -- just don't give up!