Thursday, March 27, 2008

Kisses, the Phillies, and my bod

Matt and I are anniversary-keepers. In addition to our wedding anniversary, we also celebrate the day we started dating, the day we first had sex, the day we found out we were expecting Jacob, etc.

Today is the anniversary of our first kiss. It happened March 27th, 1991. 17 loooonnng years ago, and I was 17 at the time, which means I have been kissing this man for half my life. That makes me feel old, but more than that, it makes me feel very lucky ;)

On another note, here's why the Phillies suck: This year, you could only buy opening day tickets if you bought season tickets, a partial season plan, or at the very least a 6-pack of game day tickets. I haven't missed a home opener since before I got married. Jacob was 5 weeks old at his first home opener, and has never missed one. But this year, because of the Phillies' stupid new policy, we're missing out. I'm thinking about writing a letter, but then, I don't know how much good it will do... obviously they're not interested in tradition, just money.

Now, an update on my bod: I went to see my chiropractor yesterday, and he did an assessment of my injuries from the accident. I have a rib misalignment, the whole left side of my back is in spasm, and my left hip is messed up. I'm going back tomorrow and will likely be seeing him 3x a week for the next few months. He also wants me to wait to go back to the gym for a little while longer, which I understand, but still makes me mad. It's so annoying that someone else's driving mistake is costing me so much.

I also still have the annoying cold, which unlike most colds I've had started in my chest and then worked its way up to my head (usually they go the other way for me). Mucinex is helping with the cough but nothing's helping with the snot situation... bleh. I think I'll have to do Lisa's warm-salt-water-in-every-orifice trick soon. This is always my time of year to be sick.


Ty-Anna said...

Get a Neti Pot...AWESOME!!! Great for the snot ;-)

Happy Kissing Anniversary!

Misty said...

You guys are awesome! I am an anniversary keeper, but wouldn't you know that no one else around here is. BAH!

Is the other driver's insurance going to pay you eventually?

Anne said...

The Neti Pot makes me feel like I'm drowning, and it's really gross. But it is highly effective!

tazmatt911 said...


sande said...

Ralph put me onto Neti Pots last year - I am a regular user now.
(It clears my nose, but not my head of sinus - so I can breathe easily but still feel like my head is full of gunk)
I recall not having enough money to buy one when he first told me about it - so I used a cake decorating set's piping bag for a few weeks first! ha!
GO FOR IT!!!!! a lil practice and it WORKS!

Jacqueline said...

Hey Mags... you've GOT to look into NAET treatments. Ask your chiropractor is s/he's heard anything about them. love ya.