Monday, May 12, 2008

Indiana Jones and the Ancient Mom

Jacob recently acquired a box of White Cheddar Cheez-Its which advertises the new Indiana Jones film, as well as having a special mail-in offer for the Raiders of the Lost Ark DVD.

Jacob: Have you seen this movie, Mom?

Me: The new one? It's not out yet.

Jacob: I know that, Mom, I meant the Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Me: Yeah, I saw all of the Indiana Jones movies when I was a kid.

Jacob: Wow. How many were there?

Me: Three of them.

Jacob: Did you see them in the theater or on DVD?

Me (amused): In the theater. They didn't have DVDs then.

Jacob (alarmed): They didn't have DVDs?!

Me (feeling very old): Nope.

Jacob: Wow...


bloodthirsty~girl said...

BWAHAHAHAHA! now i don't feel so bad...

Anne said...

You could really blow his mind and show him a record album...oh, wait, those might even be before your time!! I even remember 8-track tapes!

Maggie said...

I remember my parents having an 8-track player when I was *really* little, but I definitely owned a few records!

Ty-Anna said...

HaHaHa!!! I LOVE IT!! I often wow my daughters with the ACTUAL version of a song being covered or sampled from.

Misty said...

you know me, a movie-a-holic... I dwindle without them.
However did I make it through my childhood???

Buddhist In The West said...

This reminds me of how time has passed since my own youth - I was dancing to my 33's and 45's and wondered about my parent's collection of WAX 78's - they had some good songs by Gene Kelly and Danny Kaye on 78's... (They still do, but they no longer have a record player)