Sunday, May 4, 2008

Headhouse Market, and other news

Today was the grand re-opening of my favorite Farmers' Market, at Headhouse Square in Philly. I've really missed having fresh, local produce, and being able to meet and talk with the people who grow the foods I eat. Supermarket shopping is so cold and impersonal!

Because it's so early in the season, there wasn't a whole lot of produce to choose from, but Jacob and I did buy two lovely, purply-green bunches of asparagus. We sampled cheeses and baked goods, and I had a hard time restraining myself from buying a gorgeous strawberry plant for $22! We did buy a hunk of Alpine cheese, a chocolate chip cookie and some pains au chocolat (which I've come to realize that, while yummy, are just not the same in the US... sigh.)

In other produce-related news, I've decided not to do a vegetable garden this year (boo - I know) because I want to concentrate on getting the house ready to sell. One of my criteria for a new home, of course, is that it have a space for me to garden. And I'm hoping for a composter for mothers' day!

You know you're a theater geek when you go to see two musicals in one day. Yesterday Jacob and I saw Seussical at my friend Tatlyn's school. It was a terrific production, and the show itself was much better than I'd hoped. I teared up at the end when all the Whos yelled "we are here! we are here!" (Alright... I had to choke back sobs... but I wish to assert my time-of-the-month privileges!) I also went to see Hairspray at the Academy of Music. I went to see the movie version twice last summer and absolutely loved it. The play was just as fabulous. Now I can't stop singing "Good Morning Baltimore!"

And speaking of choking back sobs, I couldn't stop crying yesterday when I heard about the murder of Philadelphia Police Sgt. Stephen Liczbinski during a robbery yesterday, less than four miles from my home. He was only 39 years old and had a wife and three children. Sometimes I really despise this city...


Nathan said...

OMG my friend Donnel is in hairspray!
he was Seaweed!!!

I would have told him to take you backstage or something.

and ooh Seussical! hehe
I helped direct that show over the summer- but didn't actually get to see my kids final product cause i was in sweeney todd..

see you soon sweets

Ty-Anna said...

When my daughters were young and wanted to see musicals and we had NO money, lol we learned quickly how much of a goldmine we had in high school and local theatre group productions.

Sorry to hear about the officer and am sorry for his family's lost.

Angelnina said...

I love the farmer's markets. I didn't know you are planning on moving. I'm building two more gardens. Have you heard of "square foot gardening"? I'm going for it. I'll blog it as I go.
I want a compost bin too :)

Misty said...

that is terribly sad... horrible...

LOVE The Farmer's market... a lot...

Loved your comment. I too hear Paris is nice this time of year. We should go. I may need to go... This morning I am on the verge of committing heinous crimes against my sister in law. It's probably best if we go. Now. Ready?

Anne said...

Just a short while ago, you were unsure about the "ick factor" of composting, and now you're hoping for a composter for Mother's Day? You rock! Personally, I've requested a rainwater collection barrel. Green Geeks Unite! :)