Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dreams do come true

Freezing my butt off at the season opener this year, I never thought I'd be celebrating a World Series championship. The Phillies lost that game -- and every game I attended this year, including the one at Shea Stadium in New York. Baseball is a very superstitious game, and I started to feel like I was a bad omen. When the Phillies won the division, I promised not to go to any more games this year!

But I did sit and watch every single post-season Phillies game from the comfort of my living room (or my in-laws'). All I dared hope for was ONE post-season win -- that would be one better than they did last October. When they won Game 1 of the Division Series, I was happy. But the Phillies had other plans: ELEVEN post-season wins, and undefeated at home!

It was officially the weirdest World Series ever -- but hey, that's Philly. I am SO proud of my guys right now! I can't wait for the parade on Friday!



songbird1083 said...

And I bet at the game last night NO ONE was doing the Eagles cheer!!

Go Phils!! Hometown heroes!!!

Buddhist In The West said...

I did not have time to follow the baseball this year - sob sob. usually I use yahoo cartoon diamond and follow every move! I lost track after the fantasy league shut for the season though!