Thursday, January 1, 2009

In the New Year

Some plans/goals for the new year. I hate to say "resolutions," because it sounds so definite... plans and goals are more of a "work in progress" sort of thing. Anyhow...

Spend a lot more time with Matt.

Find a part-time job that pays decently and doesn't suck.

Clean (and maintain cleanliness of) our bedroom.


Incorporate more structure into our homeschooling routine, and begin to prepare Jacob for the possibility of school.

Lose the last 38 lbs. I need to reach the goal weight I set for myself. (92 down, 38 to go!) At that time, consider whether or not Weight Watchers' suggested goal for me (another 39 lbs. below my own goal) is realistic and/or healthy.

Choose, on a daily basis, to use my WW points for more healthy protein and less sugar.

Finish writing something. This is my goal every damn year, and yet somehow... *sigh*.

That's it for now. I may add to this list as I see fit!


Anonymous said...

All good things!

Ty-Anna said...


bloodthirsty~girl said...

wow...decluttering the house is always one of my goals...if you figure out how, please give me some insight! good luck on finding a job, it's tough but there's something out there that's perfect for you!

Lauren J said...

Congrats on making such a huge dent in last years weight loss goal - you've definitely inspired me. This year it's my turn to drop the big pounds.

The rest of your goals, all doable. Best of luck reaching them!