Saturday, February 7, 2009

I'm back!

Yay! I got my laptop back this morning. Good as new -- seriously, they put in a new screen and new touchpad (which feels funny under my finger!) All the data is intact. I'm thrilled, and resolve to back up as often as I remember.

My mood has improved a bit. I got out into the sunshine a few days last week, and it helped a LOT. Winter turns me into a really whiny bitch! I'm dealing with my feelings about moving as best I can. Two things that have NOT helped: The fact that yesterday was one year since my favorite tree was cut down, and the fact that my next-door neighbors -- who are renting the house from the people who had the tree cut down -- refuse to shovel snow, take care of the plants/trees, pick up newspapers/circulars from the outside of their property, or keep the front door fully shut (so it opens and slams whenever it's windy.) Even if I do get a chance to move, I'm gonna have a hell of a time selling this house with all that going on next door.

But, I'm dealing with being here for the time being. Philly's not soooo bad, though I really would *love* to leave the Northeast. Someday, maybe...


Ty-Anna said...

glad you're back and your laptop is in tip-top shape!! Sunshine awakens soul :-)

Misty said...

ok... Myspace is really pathetic. It tried to stop me from getting to your blog, but alas' I keep you in my reader so Myspace can suck it.

YAY!!! you are back!