Monday, February 11, 2008

Cleared for takeoff

Today I had my post-op appointment with my doctor, and everything looks good. I can resume normal activities. Though, I still think it may be another week or so before I do any serious kickboxing or ab crunches.

After the tree episode last week (my street looks just *bizarre*, btw... I can't find my house) I got a bit sidetracked, but today I'm giving out blog awards! Yes!

(Look at that, I finally figured out how to post a picture in the middle of the blog. Go me!)

And the awards go to....

1) Lover of Dolphins, or "Jax", as I call her, is one of my favorite online friends, a fellow homeschooling mom and a kindred spirit. Like me, she is passionate about the things that matter to her, and she has held my hand through many of life's ups and downs over the years.

2) What is it? Anna is a woman I admire for so many reasons. She's an amazing mom, she has her hand in many different creative endeavors and she seems to really enjoy life -- something I aspire to!

3) Beauty Secrets Unveiled Lisa is a fountain of information on natural health and home remedies. I was once suffering with a sinus infection for the better part of a month, and she taught me some really useful ways of getting rid of the congestion without needing prescription or even OTC meds. I'm really learning a lot from this blog!

4) Discursiveness Anne is one of my oldest online friends -- I've known her for over ten years -- she's a great writer and she really needs to blog more ;)

VoilĂ ! Les blogs excellents! ;)


Misty said...

ok... I, on the other hand, can not do a photo in the middle of a post. Care to share your wisdom???

Anne said...

Oh, Maggie, you are too sweet! I honestly forget sometimes we have never met 'in person', after all we've been through and know about each other. :)

Ty-Anna said...

wow thanks! nifty trick there with the pic in the middle! I still grieve for your tree. We almost lost my fav some years ago, I was sick all day at work and when I got home they didn't have the right equipment so they didn't/couldn't and I was able to change my mind and not ask them back!

Lisa said...

My Magnolie,

Thank you so much. I'm so happy to have meant something to you and be able to help you. I'm even happier to have a friend like you who is always there, and always cares. You're the best!!! I'm definitely posting my award, and I'll cherish it!

Love always,

Jacqueline said...

thanks, Mags. I love ya, girl.