Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My patriotic duty

Lots of people voted today... yay! Unfortunately, we Pennsylvanians don't get to vote in the primary for another few months. But today I got to participate in a different part of the democratic process: jury duty.

Most people I know hate jury duty; I've even talked to a few people who refuse to register to vote so that they won't get put into the jury pool. But aside from the getting up early part, I don't really see it as all that much of a chore. I get to spend a few hours among adults, sit in a comfy chair and read my book, and I get 10% off my lunch at Reading Terminal Market (today's lunch: pad thai with shrimp and a spring roll... yum!) If that's the price I have to pay every few years for the right to vote, so be it. Plus, I'd like to think that if I was ever accused of a crime, there would be someone like me on the jury. I have been summoned 4 or 5 times and have never gotten picked for a jury (might have something to do with all my close associations with police employees!) so for me it's just a break in my routine, which is always nice. My biggest concern today was the discomfort of sitting for long stretches (the stitches are still bothering me a bit) and the possibility of getting picked for a trial that would last into next week and prevent me from getting to my post-op appointment. Fortunately, I didn't have to worry about it, and I was home before 2pm.

When I got home today, I had a message from my friend Misty saying that she had given me a blog award! How cool! It made me very happy :) I also get to pass the award on to some other excellent bloggers, and I will post a list in tomorrow's blog!


Ty-Anna said...

I've never been summoned in the almost 18 years I've been a registered voter. Which sucks because I REALLY want to!

Misty said...

I've never had to do it, but I don't mind the idea...