Saturday, January 19, 2008

Joyeux anniversaire à moi!

I don't want to turn 34.

34 is a scary number. Because 34 is right before 35, and I don't EVER want to turn 35.

I'm not done having babies, and my fertility is already in the crapper, but 35 is when things are supposed to *really* get bad fertility-wise. And if I do get pregnant, want to know what the term is for a pregnancy in which the mother is over 35? A senile pregnancy. Isn't that nice?

So, yeah, I'm really not to keen on turning 34, what with all the senility lingering just around the bend. So I've cooked up a scheme -- if I'm not in the country or time zone in which I was born, then 34 won't be able to find me, and therefore I can bypass all the age-changing.

And so I'm going to Paris.

Yep -- for several lovely days at the beginning of March, I will be in La Ville-lumière (City of Lights) with my wonderful husband. I have dreamed of going to Paris my entire life. It's always topped my "Places I want to see before I die" list. I can't even really believe I am going. Somebody pinch me!

Now, what should I pack....?


bloodthirsty~girl said...

ok, now i'm officially reallyreallyreally jealous. i've obviously never been to paris. i do know that every time i've traveled it's been dry in hotels and such, so don't forget your chap stick!

Anne said...

Oh, Maggie, that's so exciting! And don't worry about 35, I really don't remember it being bad. Or maybe I just don't remember it. After all, I am...hold on, let me check....oh, yea, I'm 38 now, and....what was I saying? ;)

Misty said...

so I can understand your qualms... But for a different reason. when i was in high school I had a "feeling" that i would never A) have a baby and B) die at 35. When those things come true (even just one) I am sure my 35th year of life will be torture...

But Paris? Maggie, that's so wonderful!!!! I am super jealous! My birthday is in march too, can I tag alone? :)

Anonymous said...

Paris sounds great. 35 is just a number. Enjoy both!