Friday, January 11, 2008

The Prince of Darkness!

Matt and I attended the Ozzy Osbourne concert tonight!

<-- This is Matt being Metal. LOL.

I'd never been to an Ozzy concert before, though Matt has seen him 3 times.... way back before we were together. I tried to remember why I hadn't listened to Ozzy back then and then I remembered that I went to one of those fundie mind-control churches where they considered stuff like Ozzy "devil music" and showed us videos that told us how satanic he was. And that just made me (and my inner rebellious teenager) even happier to be there! LOL.

It was an *awesome* show! Pyrotechnics, a huge coffin-shaped cross with OZZY written across it, girls in the audience flashing boobie, and Ozzy spraying the crowd with foam... lol. I bought a TIGHT t-shirt with "OZZY" across the front in rhinestones. The show was definitely NOT long enough, but concerts rarely are. Ozzy is so cute with his little pot belly. I love just listening to him talk, lol. And Zakk Wilde is amazing on guitar.

He sang one or two songs from his newest album... I *loved* "Not Going Away":

Get out of my way.
There's nothing you can do to change what I say.
I won't ever let go.
I've got the answer,
But you'll never know.
I got my eyes opened wide,
Ain't gonna slip up or slide,
Can't take me down,
After all I'm still crazy...


Misty said...

LOVE HIM!!!! I am sooo jealous! Sharon is my hero!

Maggie said...

I love Sharon, too! I would have paid extra to see her!!!

bloodthirsty~girl said...

you lucky ducky. i've never seen ozzy live either. personally, i think zakk wilde is way hotter ;)

Nathan said...

i have always been a huge huge huge ozzy fan!!!