Tuesday, January 15, 2008

More on Mindfulness

So I figured out one other thing -- besides making spaghetti sauce -- that I do mindfully, and that is boxing. The fact is, when you're boxing, you really can't focus on anything else. And, if you do, your trainer will sucker-punch you in the gut like mine did today. LOL.

Before my trainer session today, I did the yoga class at my gym, hoping for a bit of mindfulness as well as expanding my practice beyond the one DVD I own. The class was harder than I thought it would be, but I kept up pretty well. The only problem I had was that I was watching myself among all the skinnier women in the mirrors, thinking "dear god I'm fat... good lord, if I'm this fat now, how fat was I when I was fatter than this?" Yeah... well. We all do it. But... I enjoyed the class overall, so I'm going again next week, and I'm not going to look in the mirror at all :P

So, two hours at the gym, and I couldn't figure out just why I was so exhausted tonight lying on the couch while watching American Idol. Ha ha. I'm sore, but I feel good...



Misty said...

yeah Maggie. Why are you so tired??? That's just a day at the beach! ;P! I love yoga... but that mirror thing sucks.

Ty-Anna said...

someday I hope to get into a yoga class...I have the mat and some videos so that will have to do. Yep I could definitely see myself being a bit distracted in the gym with all of those uber-skinny women.